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       Cabletech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, is a subsidiary of Cabletech
    Electronics (International) Co., Ltd.,  Cabletech is a global designer and manufacturer of cable
    assembly solution for consumer,smarthome,automotive.Dedicated to advanced product and
    process design,lean manufacturing and partnership, we cooperate with technical leaders to create
    innovative solutions and guide  the development of the industry. CABLE Link  the world,
    TECHnology for life.
      The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, OHSAS18001, QC080000 quality
    system certifications as well as UL, CSA, HDMI and other product certifications. Cabletech
    Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of wires, cables and connector  components. It provides universal standardized products and customizes various cable
    for ODM customers.
      Focus on R&D investment, vertical integration, self-made raw materials, raw-cable and some
    connectors, so as to more fully meet customers' needs for time, cost, technology and quality, focus on  the cable industry, carefully cultivate, select parts and components, and after careful trial
    assembly verification, meet and exceed the expectations, research and develop new processes,
    and have a long-term layout, Vigorously promote automatic production to stabilize quality and
    improve efficiency, and become a qualified supplier for more and more global excellent customers.

Cabletech Electronics Technology(Dongguan)Co.,Ltd

    Add: No.1 Fengyuan Road,Hetianxia Shijie Town Dongguan City,Guangdong China
    Area: 20,000Sqm
    Capacity: 50M pcs/ Year. charging & data cables
    Major product: Wire extrusion, cable ass'y for Precision cable.
    Resource: Quality-LAB, dormitory, RD center, Canteen

Cabletech Electronics Technology(Dongguan2)Co.,Ltd

    Add: No.103 Shidan South Road,Shijie Town Dongguan City,Guangdong China
    Area: 15,000Sqm
    Capacity: 80M pcs/ Year. Common charging & data cables
    Major product:  cable ass'y for STD cable.
    Resource: Quality-LAB, dormitory, Canteen

Brazil Factory

    Add: Rua Acará, 200 – blocos: J/B, K, I/B Distrito IndustrialRua Acará, 200 – blocos:
    J/B, K, I/B Distrito Industrial  Manaus Amazonas – Brasil
    Area: 20,000Sqm
    Capacity: 80M pcs/ Year.  charging & data cables, AC power cable
    Major product:  cable ass'y for STD DC cable, AC power cable
    Resource: Quality-LAB, dormitory, Canteen

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Area

    Cabletech Electronics(International) Co.,Ltd
    Add:  10F,ChungYing Bldge,20 Connaught Rd West, 
            Sheung Wan, HK, China
    Cabletech Electronics Technology (HK) Co.,Ltd
    Add: Room 1003, 10F,ChungYing Bldge,20 Connaught Rd West, 
            Sheung Wan, HK, China
    Taiwan Sales Office
    Add: Dinghu Rd. Tahua Village,Guishan Dist, Taoyuan City Taiwan,China


    America sales office
    Add: Van Ness Ave, San Francisco USA
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